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How to Clean a Headstone

Posted on 04/13/23 | Articles, News
Custom Cemetery Grave Marker

Headstones are constantly exposed to the elements, which can lead to a significant buildup of dirt and debris. Furthermore, a variety of elemental and natural factors can damage headstones, including rain, snow, and heat across the changing seasons, as well as animal droppings and new plant growth within the cemetery. For the loved ones of – READ MORE

Can Headstones Be Resurfaced?

Posted on 03/10/23 | Articles, News

Headstones serve as a lasting monument for our loved ones, so we can mark their existence with something tangible and have a special place to honor their memory. Unfortunately, headstones can become weathered over time. This applies regardless of what materials they are made out of. This is why one of the most common questions – READ MORE

Things you didn’t know about Arlington National Cemetery

Posted on 06/19/18 | Articles, News

Originally Published by Readers Digest Written by Ashley Lewis 17 Things You Never Knew About Arlington National Cemetery This cemetery does more than honor those who have fought hard for our country’s freedom. It’s also steeped in a treasure trove of rich history. Nearly 30 funerals are conducted each day More than 400,000 active duty – READ MORE

Why do we build monuments?

Posted on 10/2/17 | Featured, News

Why is the desire to build monuments so strong and lasting? What in us sparks the desire or need to build monuments? The easy answer comes from the word itself, Monument. The origin of the word comes from a Latin/ French word “Monere”, which means to remind.For thousands of years’ humans have had the desire – READ MORE

Ken Griffey Jr.

Posted on 04/19/17 | Announcements, News

Over the past 4 months, Lou Cella at Timeless Creations along with Patten Monument, have been working on a statue project for the MLB team Seattle Mariners, a tribute to Ken Griffey Jr. Today all the efforts made by Patten Monument and Timeless Creations have come to fruition, the statueis being unveiled. Below is a step by – READ MORE