Cremation Headstone: Memorialize Your Loved One

Cremation Headstone: Memorialize Your Loved One

Headstones are typically associated with traditional burials. However, a cremated loved one can still get a personalized headstone. Cremation headstones are wonderful ways to capture the essence of your loved one forever. Your loved one’s memory will not be lost with cremation monuments from Patten Monument.

Honor Their Memory with a Cremation Memorial

By serving as a marker for your loved one’s final resting place, a cremation memorial gives the family and friends of the deceased the opportunity to mourn and reflect on their life. With cremation memorials, you can still honor your loved one and visit a designated resting place whenever you miss them, giving you a tangible way to stay connected to their memory.

There are different types of cremation grave markers, including monuments and traditional headstones. No matter which option you choose for your loved one’s headstone or monument, we know that you will honor their memory and help them live on long after they are gone.

Cremation Headstones

Cremation headstones do more than serve to mark the spot where your loved one is buried. Headstones also allow your loved one to be buried according to their wishes. These grave markers explain what your loved one’s life was all about with short quotes and symbols.

Choosing a cremation headstone can be difficult. After all, no one wants to go through the pain of losing someone that they love. We can make the process a little more bearable by providing meaningful, customized headstones. With our support and guidance, you can choose the format and text that you feel best represent your loved one.

Cremation Monuments

Monuments are a sign of love and dedication to the person you love, even after they are gone. If you decide to incorporate your loved one’s ashes or urn into a monument, you can choose from our customizable monument structures to personalize your loved one’s monument so that it suits their spirit and personality.

Cremation monuments differ from headstones in several ways. For example, cremation monuments are much larger than traditional headstones. They often rise farther out of the ground and feature intricate designs, ornate engravings, sculptures, and attached statues.

As with headstones, we will provide you with multiple layouts and design options to best honor your loved one.

Religious Monuments

Many families choose a religious monument to honor their loved one’s commitment to their god. This ensures your loved one’s eternal wishes live on forever. Their dedication to their religion in their physical life can continue in their spiritual life with a religious monument that symbolizes their relationship with their god.

Our religious monuments include symbols of angels and crosses to show the heavenly path your loved one has taken into the afterlife. Their faith never passes away with them when you choose a religious monument.

Contemporary Designs

We offer contemporary, modern monument designs that you can customize with your loved one’s information. These new-age monuments symbolize new beginnings in the world. Contemporary designs appeal to the minimalist eye with minor details that make all the difference.

From floral accents to creative shapes, these pieces are sure to honor your loved one with appealing designs.

Children’s Monuments

When young ones pass too soon, they can be memorialized with special cremation grave markers. Our Teddy Bear Monument is a good option for babies and young children who left the world too quickly. Teddy bears are a symbol of innocence. These monuments carry on your child’s spirit long after they are gone.

This is a loss that nobody should have to face, and we understand that you want to make your child’s grave marker special.

Floral Designs

We engrave floral patterns into some of our monuments and cremation headstones. These patterns are appealing to the eye and symbolize the beauty of the cycle of life. Even in the darkest times of grieving, there are spots of light to focus on.

If you want to help your loved one’s memory live on in a positive way with floral designs, choose one of these monuments.

Scenic Nature Designs

Nature dictates all of our lives. Even after your loved one has passed, you can honor the cycle of life with scenic nature designs. We offer engravings of mountains, trees, flowers, and animals to symbolize this.

New beginnings happen all the time in nature, and the spiritual essence of your loved one is no different. They have passed on to their final resting place in the world, but they are never fully gone.

Sports Symbols

If your loved one was passionate about golf or another sport in their lifetime, we have headstones to reflect that. The love of the game carries on forever with memorial pieces that include sports symbols.

Wherever they are now, they can still be remembered for their enthusiasm for the sports that they loved the most.

Memorials for Michigan and Northern Indiana

The true spirit of your loved one remains the same, no matter which headstone or monument you select for them.

Choosing the layout of your loved one’s grave marker can be an emotional process, which is why we provide plenty of options for customization. We recognize that your loved one was a special person, and we want you to find the cremation headstone or monument that best reflects who they were.

We understand that this is one of the most difficult things you can ever go through. But we are here to help lessen the pain of losing the one you love. Many places offer one-size-fits-all gravestones and memorial pieces, but we do things differently in Comstock Park.

Patten Monument Is Here for You

At Patten Monument, we personalize the selection process to honor each and every loved one that our clients bury, serving areas from Comstock Park to surrounding areas in Michigan and Northern Indiana.

Know that you don’t have to go through this alone. Choose the best memorial pieces for your loved one’s grave from our wide selection and caring staff at Patten Monument.

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