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For over a hundred years, Patten Monument has helped clients in Michigan and beyond leave a lasting testament to their own lives, as well as provided families with a way to commemorate loved ones in perpetuity. In addition to custom headstones, we’re pleased to offer memorial benches with a unique way to remember those no longer with us.

Our legacy lives on in the family and friends who know and remember us. Still, memorial benches provide a special place to visit, reflect on a life well-lived, and experience feelings of grief and loss without feeling self-conscious. Whether you’re making your own end-of-life preparations or you’re memorializing a loved one, consider the impact memorial benches for a cemetery can have.

An Ideal Place to Remember and Reflect

Losing a loved one is never easy, and neither is determining the best way to commemorate a life. What makes memorial benches for a cemetery so special is the fact that they not only speak to the enormity of a life with prominent lettering stating the family name and other marker information, but they also provide an ideal place to comfortably sit and take a moment to connect with memories of a loved one.

Graveyards have never been for our loved ones passed. They’re for those left behind to grieve the loss of a beloved parent, grandparents, sibling, child, friend, or other loved one. They offer a place to go, to say goodbye, and to remember, without societal restrictions or judgment. Memorial benches for the cemetery provide an ideal spot to experience grief or simply meditate.

A Range of Elegant Design Options for Memorial Benches

At Patten Monument, we offer the opportunity to create markers and memorial benches just as special and unique as the person they represent. We know that managing end-of-life wishes can feel overwhelming when you’re dealing with grief, which is why our compassionate team of professionals goes above and beyond to ease your burden.

We use only the finest materials chosen to stand the test of time, and our craftsmanship is second to none. Our streamlined process of selecting the right bench for your loved one involves five key considerations, and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Memorial Bench Style

You can start by perusing our gallery to select a style you prefer, with options for classical, traditional, and contemporary designs. You might choose just a simple bench, with or without a back, or you can opt for a cremation bench designed to house your loved one’s ashes.

For example, more complex designs include sculpted elements, upright monuments, and details like an open book or benches extending from a family headstone. Once you’ve selected from our many elegant and powerful styles, you’ll move on to the specifics of your piece.

Size Of Grave Site Benches

When it comes to memorial benches, the size you choose may depend on several factors. The size may be related to other existing or planned monuments in a family plot, or it may have to do with the images or memorial text you wish to include.

It may have to comply with cemetery regulations. Cost is often a factor, as well. The size and complexity of a memorial bench will undoubtedly play a role in determining the final cost of creation and installation.

Materials Memorial Benches Can Be Made Of

Patten Monument works only with the most resilient materials, including granite, marble, and bronze. Granite is the most popular choice because of its strength and durability, not to mention the beauty and variety of this natural stone.

For memorial benches, you can choose from materials in calming and traditional hues of black, gray, red, brown, or blue. Details may be etched, with additions in bronze or porcelain. Vases are also available to make it easy to add flowers, and plaques honoring veterans can be added, as well.

Finish Options For Memorial Benches

A stone with a polished finish will gleam, and the glossy surface provides the perfect counterpoint to etched lettering. However, many people also find rough edges attractive and closer to the natural state of the stone.

Custom Grave Site Bench Design

For your convenience, we offer a range of elegant and traditional fonts and layouts. However, we’re also pleased to provide custom design services that allow you to create a monument worthy of your loved one.
Your memorial bench may include typical elements like a large family name and smaller text detailing the individual name and the beginning and end of life dates. Other texts could consist of religious verses, poems, quotes attributed to the deceased, and more.

Images may also be added, including porcelain photos or a variety of etched graphics (religious symbols, floral/nature motifs, or items of personal significance like a musical instrument). We can also help you create custom designs in keeping with any restrictions posed by your cemetery of choice.

If you’re planning your own memorial bench, our custom design process allows you to create a monument that fully represents your interests, personality, and lasting legacy. Those planning a memorial for a loved one may choose a simple marker or something more personalized.

We always try to make it as easy as possible to commemorate a loved one while still providing options for customization. Patten Monument also offers a 100% lifetime guarantee for every marker we create.

Why Choose Patten Monument for Memorial Benches for a Cemetery

Patten Monument always delivers quality craftsmanship and materials designed to stand up to the elements and serve as a lasting reminder of a loved one. We also provide all-inclusive services, including expert design, delivery, and installation, to minimize your stress and ensure a positive experience.

We understand how complex end-of-life planning can be, whether you’re preparing for your own passing or choosing memorial benches for loved ones. Our many options allow for customization while still providing opportunities to create a monument at nearly any budget. Plus, our caring and compassionate team of professionals will always treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

If you wish to install memorial benches for the cemetery as a way to pay tribute to a loved one and create a comfortable place to remember and reflect, Patten Monument is here to help you create the special piece that commemorates a life. Contact us today to request a quote or learn more about what we can do for you.

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