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Saying good-bye to a loved one is never easy. At Patten Monument, we understand the many challenges regarding end-of-life planning. We’re here to help families find a way to honor those who have passed in a meaningful and personalized way.

Selecting the Right Flush Grave Marker

For many families of departed loved ones, a flush grave marker is a good choice when it comes to honoring that individual. As opposed to traditional upright monuments or memorial stones, these grave markers are flat stones situated at the head of the gravesite.

There are many choices when it comes to picking a cemetery gravestone that feels right for your loved one. Flat grave markers are typically the most commonly seen in cemeteries.

A flush grave marker is frequently constructed from granite and marks the grave of either one or two people. As the name indicates, this type of cemetery grave marker doesn’t stand up but lies flush with the ground instead.

A Variety of Cemetery Grave Markers to Choose From at Patten Monument

Every person that walks this earth is one-of-a-kind. At Patten Monument, we aim to produce a variety of cemetery grave markers that reflect that same level of individuality for those laid to rest.

Flat grave markers, often referred to as flush or lawn-level markers, are available to families of deceased loved ones in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit preferences of all types. Many customers we work with choose to select a cemetery gravestone made from polished granite to have even more options in terms of texture and color.

Granite provides the added benefit of being extremely durable, which many of our customers prefer. This means it will retain its most beautiful and eye-catching qualities despite exposure to the elements.

When it comes to customized finishes and designs, our caring and professional staff is always available to help with suggestions. We can easily personalize a cemetery grave marker with heartfelt inscriptions, beautiful etchings, and engravings too.

We’re always open to unique design suggestions and work closely with our customers to create results that are meaningful and satisfying. Whether you’re looking for a single, double, or infant-specific grave marker, we can guide you through the process of picking colors, styles, and shapes that best commemorate your loved one.

Those looking to design grave markers that stand out will often lean towards decorative options such as bronze plaques or built-in vases. Plaques add something special to the final look while secured vases allow visitors to leave flowers with every visit to a gravesite.

The Benefits of Flush Grave Markers

There are many reasons our customers are drawn to flush grave markers when it’s time to honor their loved ones with a gravestone. For some, the appeal lies in the fact that flat stones are a bit more subtle. They tend to commemorate without drawing too much attention to the gravesite.

Those who are laying a loved one to rest in a particularly scenic location will often choose a flush grave marker because it has less of an impact on the natural surroundings. This style of flat stone maximizes the view for visitors while still highlighting the importance of the person who has passed.

For others, lawn-level grave markers are both more affordable and easier to maintain over time as compared to more traditional memorials or headstones. This type of gravestone is often attended to by cemetery groundskeepers, providing families of deceased loved ones with peace of mind.


What to Consider When Selecting a Flat Grave Marker

Everyone has differing views on where and how they would like to be laid to rest after they pass. Many families work hard to adhere to these requests.

That said, the rules and regulations regarding headstones, memorials, and grave markers are different at every cemetery. It’s important to understand the expectations that are in place before getting your heart set on a certain gravestone.

Be sure to inquire with cemetery management about rules regarding grave marker size, style, shape, and features before starting your grave marker search. You want to be sure you’re purchasing a grave marker that is meaningful to you and your deceased loved one that also falls in line with cemetery requirements.

Customizing a Flat Grave Marker with Patten Monument

The customization process at Patten Monument begins with a conversation. We meet with customers one on one to learn more about their loved one and their initial thoughts on a grave marker that would be meaningful.

Next, we offer up our idea book. We encourage all of our customers to take time to browse the many colors, designs, and style options we provide to better select a gravestone that fits their needs and preferences.

Once customers have a clear idea of what flat grave marker features they like, our talented and caring design team will carefully craft a marker that’s one-of-a-kind for your loved one. What starts as a sketch is then moved to a digital design model for customers to review and approve.

Those who work with us are often thrilled to learn that all of our markers include a Monumark. This unobtrusive QR tag is tactfully built into the marker so visitors can quickly scan it during a visit.

The QR tag directs a visitor’s device to a website where they can leave comments, share pictures, and exchange memories with others who have done the same. In this way, the option to commemorate an individual goes far beyond the cemetery and extends into the virtual world.

A Monumark goes a step further and additionally acts as a permanent gravesite locator. Those visiting a memorial within a large cemetery can use a GPS device to track the Monumark and more easily locate the grave.

Reach Out Today

Losing a loved one isn’t easy but honoring them with a meaningful grave marker is made simple when you partner with the professionals at Patten Monument. Contact us whenever you need guidance from our knowledgeable and caring staff.

We’re here to guide you through the process of selecting a grave marker that’s unique and true to your loved one’s wishes. We’ll work with you to make sure the results are satisfying and always within your budget.

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