Custom Cemetery Monuments

Custom Cemetery & Grave Memorial Monuments

The passing of a loved one is a sacred transitional time when your loved one journeys to the other side and when you allow yourself time to grieve, make peace, and ultimately celebrate the life that your loved one lived.

We understand how hard this time is for you. Creating a custom cemetery monument could allow you the space to work through your grief to dedicate and gift a unique, special tribute to your loved one.

Allow us to walk you through various cemetery monument options and ideas to make this process as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, and we’ll make sure to alleviate your concerns and answer your questions as soon as possible.

Custom Cemetery Monuments Installation

Do you have a specific vision in your mind of the monument you would like to install? Don’t settle for predesigned monuments; at Patten Monument, we allow you to design and customize a grave memorial monument how you see fit.

By offering around-the-clock customer service and our free, easy-to-use online IdeaBook, we’re confident we can help you create custom monuments that you’re proud of.

Simply browse through our online IdeaBook to start thinking about what designs you would like to pursue for your loved one’s headstone. Or give our team a call, and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process.

Read on to learn more about our custom monument installation and designs.

Classic Design of Cemetery Monuments

Nothing beats classic designs. With our custom cemetery and grave memorial monuments, you can choose to customize your memorial stone with long-lasting, classic details that stand the test of time.

Choose between a variety of stone types and colors to craft the perfect, classic headstone that completely encapsulates your loved one’s personality.

Bold, Unconventional Designs for Memorial Monuments

Did your loved one like to venture away from the crowd? Maybe they enjoyed strolling to the beat of their own drum or carving paths previously untraveled by their peers.

If your loved one was a maverick in their own right, design a monument that encapsulates their wild spirit with a bold, angled, unconventional monument design. Choose specific shapes like a heart or a curved stone, or consider adding a finish to the stone, like a rough texture, to simulate a more earthy, bolder type of stone.

You can even include designs or photographs on the stone for even more customization.

Personalization for Grave Monuments

When you choose to design a custom grave monument, you choose the most personal, meaningful gift that you can give to your loved one. You can include special details such as the following:

  • Creative engravings
  • Military symbols
  • Religious symbols
  • Musical instrument engravings

Capture your loved one’s personality with customized engravings and more personalization.

Custom monuments benefit you, too. Whenever you miss your loved one, you can visit their headstone and instantly be reminded of what they were passionate about or what they stood for in their life.

Headstone and Memorial Types

There are plenty of stone types to choose from. Whether you want to keep it simple with a classic headstone or you want to branch out to a memorial bench, you have a wide breadth of options to perfectly memorialize your loved one.

Classic Headstones

You can’t go wrong with a classic headstone. With the classic single headstone, you get one stone that perfectly encapsulates your loved one’s personality.

While it’s most common to write the date of birth, date of death, and name, you can certainly personalize the words however you want to say something meaningful. Some people choose to integrate quotes on the headstone to give mourners a better idea of who their loved one was.

Companion Headstones

When you don’t want to separate loved ones after death, choose the companion headstone set.

Companion headstones offer loved ones the ability to remain close and share a joint monument that encapsulates the love each person has for each other. You can choose to have separate headstones or join them together with one single piece of stone.

Memorial Benches

A bench is a perfect landmark to construct for your loved one. Benches are a place to sit, gather your thoughts, and immerse yourself in the peace of your memories and love for your loved one who has passed to the other side.

We believe memorial benches are the perfect marriage between a memorial site and a gift to yourself as you honor them with a bench in their memory.

Custom Mausoleums

Are you looking for more privacy? We can create a custom mausoleum to honor an individual, couple, or even entire family. Constructing a private, custom mausoleum is a great choice as you gain year-round accessibility (especially in Michigan with our cold, blustery climate), as well as gain exceptional privacy and space.

Choose between a variety of stone types, including the following:

  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Marble

When you customize your mausoleum, you can also choose the color of the resting place from a palette that includes black, gray, rose, and more. You can also choose between an indoor and outdoor mausoleum and customize the finish of the stone and more.

Why Choose Patten Monument for Grave Monuments?

Choosing a grave monument is a difficult, emotional journey. We know how important it is to properly honor and celebrate your loved one, which is why we allow you the ability to customize their resting place how you see fit.

At Patten Monument, we’ve had the immense pleasure of serving thousands of families all across the great state of Michigan. While our work never gets easier, we’re happy to be the shoulder to lean on during this immensely difficult time.

However, we know that having a bit of control over your loved one’s final resting place provides the comfort that many mourners need.

Allow us to help you through this difficult time by selecting a memorial monument that reflects both your loved one and your love for them.

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