How to Clean a Headstone

Posted on 04/13/23 | Articles, News
Custom Cemetery Grave Marker

Headstones are constantly exposed to the elements, which can lead to a significant buildup of dirt and debris. Furthermore, a variety of elemental and natural factors can damage headstones, including rain, snow, and heat across the changing seasons, as well as animal droppings and new plant growth within the cemetery. For the loved ones of – READ MORE

Can Headstones Be Resurfaced?

Posted on 03/10/23 | Articles, News

Headstones serve as a lasting monument for our loved ones, so we can mark their existence with something tangible and have a special place to honor their memory. Unfortunately, headstones can become weathered over time. This applies regardless of what materials they are made out of. This is why one of the most common questions – READ MORE

Headstone Symbols and Their Meanings

Posted on 01/26/23 | Articles, Featured
Tombstone Symbols

If you have ever walked through a cemetery and noticed the variety of symbols carved into the headstones, you’ve probably wondered what those symbols mean. The meaning behind tombstone symbols is rich and interesting. It is essentially a history of humanity and its belief systems. Whether you have recently lost a loved one or are – READ MORE